Services & Pricing

Home Inspections

Condominium Inspections

Water Testing (Bacteria/Chemicals/Lead)                             

Well Shock and re-test    

Pool & Spa Inspections                                                                                    

Septic Inpectction- Non Intrusive 

Septic Inspection Pick/Shovel   w/Tank Pump Out                                                                        
Radon Measurement

Mold Screening                                                                                                                    

Termite and Wood destrying Insect Inspection

Square footage is the primary basis for pricing. Sometimes other factors such as age, crawlspaces (under the house areas), type of structure affect costs. Square footage is the total usable (not just finished) area of the home. So, a home with a footprint of 25 X 40 = 1000 sq. ft, two stories = 2,000, one story with a full basement = 2,000 sq ft, 2 story with a full basement =3,000, etc.

Service Fees

Condominium Inspection Interior Only (up to 1500 SQ. FT)                                         $250.00

Single Dwelling Home Inspection < 1500 SQ. FT                                                             $295.00

Single Dwelling Home Inspection 1501 – 2000 SQ. FT                                                    $345.00

Single Dwelling Home Inspection 2001 – 2500 SQ. FT                                                    $375.00

Single Dwelling Home Inspection 2501 – 3500 SQ. FT                                                    $425.00

Single Dwelling Home Inspection over 3500 SQ. FT                                                        $475.00

Additional Services

Water Testing
  (Bacteria/Chemicals/Lead)                                                                           all three-    $195.00
 Shock and re-test for Bacteria                                                                                               $195.00

Septic Test (Tracer Dye) W/Inspection                                                                              $50.00

Septic Inspection Pick & Shovel   w/ Pumpout                                                                $375.00

Radon Test W/Inspection                                                                                                    $145.00

Radon Test No Inspection                                                                                                   $175.00

Mold Screening   (swab type)                                                                                               $75.00

Termite certification as part of home inspection                                                             $45.00                                                                                


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